Ready Mix Concrete Information Guide

Ready mix concrete is a product that has revolutionized construction. By the 1960’s this versatile product was widely recognized as the most durable and affordable option for construction projects ranging from bridges to parking lots.

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Ready-mix is prepared at a concrete plant and delivered to a job site in a cement truck in a thick liquid form ready to be poured. The substance itself is made up of water, aggregates, and Portland cement. There are precise mixtures of these elements that create varying effects, allowing specialty mixes to be developed for unique jobs.


By having the concrete delivered from an area plant a construction job can be afforded several advantages:

  • Ability to have specific tested recipes delivered for numerous applications.
  • On-site mixing can lead to conflicts with construction regulations in your neighborhood or city. Additionally, the waste products as well as the ambient noise of the mixing process can affect neighbors and have negative effects on the environment if not disposed of properly
  • Plants are located in areas zoned for industrial use and can service residences while taking care of the by-products for you. 


Though generally not a large issue with most construction jobs, there are a few disadvantages worth noting:

  • If your job is not easily accessible by roads, and more specifically roads that have a weight capacity sufficient to hold the cement truck, then you may run into delivery delays.
  • There inherently will be a delay between the final mixing process and delivery to your site. If this delay is too long, the concrete may not conform to specific regulations or may not be usable at all.

Your choice will depend on your preferences and the constrictions of your construction job. For more information on what will be right for you, call us today and we will help you find a perfect match.

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