Concrete Pipe

From pipelines to culverts- drainage is a vital component of our infrastructure and is made possible with concrete pipe.

With an array of products available and new government regulations concerning production, knowledge of how they work and what to look for as far as quality is concerned are key aspects to creating sound construction projects.

Durability - The Most Important Quality

Durability of pipe material is paramount to creating structures that not only function, but sustain those functions over long periods. The capability of pipe to perform as expected is an important factor economically as they are usually used for infrastructure and costs associated with replacement can be substantial.

Climate, weathering, chemistry, installation techniques, material mixes and raw material quality all lead to this eventual durability. They all have intrinsic good and bad qualities and it can make the durability regulation harder.

Use our services to connect to a certified company to ensure you're receiving the highest quality materials.

Concrete Pipe Construction Methods

There are two methods for creating pressure pipes. One method involves a concrete lined steel cylinder. Once it dries, you wind a pre-stressed wire directly onto your cylinder. You then take your mortar and coat the exterior.

The second method involves pre-stressing a steel cylinder after it has been encased in concrete. After it is allowed to cure, mortar is used to coat the fresh pipe.

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