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Fill all your Arizona concrete needs with our streamlined service. We provide instant free quotes for Arizona ready-mix, precast, block, and many other building product services. If you're trying to build a new home in Phoenix or pave a new street in Flagstaff we are your one stop service to connecting to the company that's just right for your job and your budget. Don't waste time searching the internet for a cement company in your Arizona neighborhood, let us do the work for you. Call us today or fill out our simple request form and receive instant quotes on whatever your building material need is.

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Green Concrete Movement in Central Arizona- Sedona and Prescott Face New Portland Cement Environmental Regulations

The Home Builders Association of Central Arizona (HBACA) has announced the idea of a "green building" plan aimed specifically for homes in Arizona. The designation of Arizona Green Builder will be given out on a subdivision of counties basis and all homes within that community will have to meet the check-list of requirements. Visit our concrete resources page to see if your home falls into this category. Even if the law doesn't affect you, it may in the future so prepare now. Make your home in Prescott or Scottsdale environmentally friendly by using our service to locate the green cement company right around corner from you.

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